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At ISM Support we believe that superyacht management is a process whereby the responsibilities for the various activities are shared between shipboard and shore based personnel. We recognise the individuality of yacht ownership and believe the process should allow every yacht to be independently managed. We don’t believe that superyacht management is an entity that’s based ashore controlling how the shipboard personnel operate the yacht.

In recent years shore-side management services have significantly expanded in the superyacht sector as it has become a specific requirement for compliance with the International Safety Management code and, to a lesser extent, the Large Yacht Code and Maritime Labour Convention. However, it is not a new concept. There have always been persons ashore looking after the owners’ interests. Sometimes this has been a help to the shipboard management and at other times a hindrance.

At ISM Support we will add value to the management process and deliver the appropriate support with the minimum interference. We will expertly build a management system based on the specific operational requirements of the Owner, the Captain and other stakeholders such as the Flag Administration, Classification Society and Insurers.


Superyacht Safety


Quality Management

The safety of the yacht, its guests and crew are paramount. Being able to assess and understand the risks involved is essential, as is having a set of clear, unambiguous procedures in place to maximum the safe operation of the yacht. At ISM Support we have the in-house systems in place to monitor the yacht and effectively support the captain and crew in the safe operation of the yacht.


We have a deep understanding of the calibre of crew required to provide a high quality service. We will provide assistance with crew selection, recruitment and on board training to ensure the most appropriate person is matched with the job and given the necessary support to be an effective crew member.


A Superyacht is the ultimate symbol of quality and it requires the highest standards of operation to meet the specific expectations of the Owner and guests. Quality management will ensure that these standards are being maintained whether the yacht is in service, on standby or laid up for maintenance. It is process centred management, rather than compliance centred, and focuses on the owners requirements, while absorbing the compliance requirements.

Performance Monitoring & System Improvement Plans

Operational Support



The successful implementation of a management system requires an accurate measurement of the performance. By combining the key management tools of auditing, surveying and technical inspections we will provide a fresh pair of eyes to establish confidence that things are being done correctly and identify weak areas that require strengthening. This will in turn assist with developing training and improvement strategies, and key performance indicators for future benchmarking.

Compliance with the ever increasing demands of the legislative requirements of operating a large yacht can become overwhelming, even for the most dedicated captain and crew. We are able to take away some of the strain of the day to day running of your yacht and ensuring safe and compliant operation. We are skilled and experienced in dealing with all operational aspects including:


  • General Administration of the Vessel
  • Implementation of the ISM, ISPS, Large Yacht Codes and Maritime Labour Convention
  • Planned Maintenance Schedule

We will enhance the implementation of your management system by providing a value added service of training and tutorials.

We can present improvement plans, new documentation and familiarisation for new and promoted crew either on board or by video conference.

By combining our auditing and training services we can assess the level of crew knowledge and identify training needs.

We provide Continuing Professional Development to improve skills for safe working practices and emergency preparedness designed to improve quality of service all round including leadership for ship board management and training for individuals and teams.


Surveying & Technical Inspections

Logistical Support

Independent and impartial audits of the yachts operating systems will provide a measured approach to the successful management of the yacht. Auditing involves measuring the performance of the management system against the required standards. It is carried out by qualified and independent auditors who base their findings on random samples of objective evidence.

We will carry out surveys and technical inspections against the standards of The Large Yacht Code and the on board Planned Maintenance System, to ensure the yacht is being maintained in accordance with the requirements of the Flag Administration, Classification Society and equipment manufacturers recommendations.

Based in Mallorca we can offer a discreet, boutique service to facilitate your requirements for berthing, shipyard works, subcontractors and suppliers. When your normal contacts are challenged, we can be “on the ground” to assist you in the Balearics and Barcelona.

independent superyacht management support